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Farewell of the Vicente Calderón

Few cities have the beauty of Madrid, no city welcomes you like Madrid. Its inhabitants, who welcome people from many places transferred from Madrid airport, show their hospitality from the first day.

What is your favorite corner of Madrid?

It could be the Habsburg neighborhood, perhaps La Catedral de La Almudena, La Puerta del Sol, El Escorial...

My favorite place is far from all that, it's a handful of cement on the border of the M-30 where the bustle of vehicles takes away all beauty to the place.

My favorite place only 51 years ago that lives in Madrid and the next day 21 will leave us forever.

This week is the longest of our life, I am a dead who wanders on a path of sadness. Sunday will be the last day that I will be at the Vicente Calderón.

How to explain what we feel, how to explain the moments lived, how to explain next Sunday...

We will drink without thirst, we will sing without a voice, we will smile without joy, we will say goodbye to Vicente Calderón.

I imagine starting in the neighborhood of la Latina, where thousands of followers take advantage to taste the wonderful tapas that their mythical bars offer us. It will be full of families, grandparents, parents, grandchildren... because this feeling is passed from parents to children, is transmitted with the eyes, with a smile is enough.

I remember the first time I took my son to my favorite corner of Madrid. We walked 700 km until arriving. We spent the day on the Madrilenian trail tasting the mythical cakes, then we went to the Retiro park where we took a wonderful boat ride and, despite the fatigue, we went to the south bottom of the Vicente Calderón.

I remember his face, I remember his eyes, I never saw him so happy, I never thought that something like that would happen to me, I kissed the shield and I thanked that pile of cement, I thank you for these tears...

We leave the Latina and arrive at Puerta de Toledo where the red and white color conquers the capital. I wish it to be wonderful, to recreate so many moments, but I can not avoid this sadness when I think that it will be the last flares that will illuminate San Epifanio Street, the last beer in the neighborhood, we know for a year, we thought we were prepared, but we did not We are and return to this damn silence. What will I tell my son next year when I take him to the Metropolitan?

Atletico Madrid means a lot of things and no one understands our madness if they do not feel our passion, we bid farewell to the Vicente Calderón Stadium. I say goodbye to my favorite corner of Madrid.

To be continued…