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Our terms and Conditions

Following general conditions shall apply to all bookings made through this website.

Please read them carefully before making a reservation.

For the correct interpretation of the General conditions, the following definitions shall apply:


  • "Company", "we", "our", "ours" refers to society COMIRSA PREMIUM S.L. (Unictransfer), a limited company governed by the Spanish legislation in force and registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, with CIF B-67020933 and registered office at C/ Mulberg 60 low 3, 08024 Barcelona.
  • "Customer" means the person who pays the amount of the reservation.
  • "Passenger" means all passengers included in the reserve, whether or not expressly appointed.
  • "Holder of the reserve" means the first passenger who appears in the reservation.
  • "You", "your", "le", refers to the client, including all the passengers (or any of them as the case may be) that appear on the reservation.
  • "Transport operator" means the provider of professional transportation services that will perform the transfer.
  • "Reserve" means the reservation of transportation services with our.
  • "Transport service" means any service provided by us for the transfer of passengers by road, and includes any other service provided by us associated with this transfer or derived from el.
  • "Proof of reservation", "Proof of transfer", "Proof" means the confirmation in writing of the booking we will send you by mail electronic.
  • "Agreement" refers to the reservation, these general conditions and any other conditions applicable to the reservation.
  • "Conditions" means these conditions Generals.
  • "Web site", "Web sites" refers to unictransfers.com and any other web site of our property or operated by us.


COMIRSA PREMIUM S.L. (Unictransfer) we are a company of management of transport. Our brand business is Unictransfers.com, which is from our exclusive property. Our company name is in the c/Mulberg, 60 bass, 3 - 08024 Barcelona.

Our phone is 0034937379797 and our services operate the website https://www.unictransfers.com

Loans through transport operators that provide services of transportation of passengers or acting as an agency with legal capacity to provide transportation services and who are in possession of all licenses and permissions according to the law applicable to each of them to carry out this activity. Loans through transport operators that provide services of transportation of passengers or acting as an agency with legal capacity to provide transportation services and who are in possession of all licenses and permissions according to the law applicable to each of them to carry out this activity.

The transport service will not be considered in any case as a package tour in the terms laid down by the Council Directive 90/314/EEC of 13 June 1990, or in the terms of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the protection of consumers and users as well as other complementary laws, and therefore the company does not operate in any case as a travel agency.

Our unictransfers.com page provides transportation management services to individuals (individuals or groups) and companies.

We strongly recommend that before requesting a service with us you have read these terms and conditions, and that any contract between unictransfers.com and you will be bound by them. For any questions about these conditions do not hesitate to get in contact with our Department of attention customer.

The obligations arising from these conditions are obligatory to make a reservation with us.


Is imperative that the person making the reservation is over 18 and that when making the booking to ensure that all the information provided is correct and complete and making payment in full.

Once entered into the contract with Forever Dreams, S.L., the company tours will make all the necessary arrangements to organize the services requested.

The contract shall be binding on the parties only when you receive your proof of transfer by e-mail. In the event that the transport operator cannot provide the service requested by the customer will be informed and the total amount will be refunded using the same system used for payment, leaving the company released from any further obligation to the customer.

The customer shall confirm receipt of our notification. For not receive confirmation of the reception of the mail electronic, them records stored in our server of mail is considered proof enough of the reception.

Our message of confirmation of charges and payment made by the customer shall not be considered as proof of the existence of a binding contract.

You must print and have ready proof of reservation to be presented to the driver and that it can examine them. If the holder of the reservation does not have the proof, it is possible that the transport operator does not pay the service.

Is expressly prohibited to persons under age to request services to the company, and their parents, tutors or legal responsible must contact us immediately in the event that a minor has booked a service with us to be cancelled. The minor must travel always accompanied by a passenger adult.


The booking details are reflected in the receipt of transfer (point of pickup of passengers and booked destination address).

Any change affecting customer this or other data should make them know through our website in the section [modifications and cancellations], the modification will be confirmed via email. For any advice on the modification of the booking you please contact our Department care customer via email or by telephone at the number 0034937379797.

Any increase in the cost of the service resulting from a change in the reserve shall be borne by the customer.

Once the contract is has concluded, the customer must notify us through our Department of attention to the client of any detected error, with a minimum of 48 hours in advance with regard to the corresponding transfer service. Notifications with less than 48 hours in advance regarding the transfer service may be cancelled by the company without penalty.


Any cancellation of the contract by the customer must perform is in the paragraph changes / cancellations of it own web unictransfers.com. Is will give accordance to the cancellation by the company through mail electronic.

For any advice or information you want to process the cancellation of your reservation may do so through our Service Department to the customer through or by phone: 0034937379797.

En case of receiving your request for cancellation more than 48 hours in advance with respect to the time of collection of the service of the service that you want to cancel you will be reimbursed the full amount before the transfer. No amount will be refunded when cancellation occurs with less than 48 hours before the time scheduled for the shuttle service that you want to cancel. In this case we will send you an email with the confirmation of the cancellation so you can use it with your tour operator, airline or insurance company.


Unictransfers.com will accept reservations up to 24 hours prior to the service. Any reservation made less than 24 hours in advance will be subject to availability depending on the type of transfer requested by the client.


If the transport operator is obliged to make any significant changes in the terms of service, or cancel the service, we will inform you as soon as possible.

We do our utmost to respect their preferences about the chosen vehicle; However in some cases it may be necessary to assign an alternative vehicle for operating reasons or safety. If change involves a reduction in the category or the size of the vehicle for which we have a cheaper rate, the price difference will be refunded to you.

In exceptional cases we can see the need to cancel your reservation. You will be refunded the full amount of the reservation and this reimbursement will cover all obligations towards the client arising from such cancellation. In any case, we will make efforts to find viable alternatives to any confirmed reservation that we should cancel.


The payment of the reservation shall be carried out in Euros, unictransfers.com accepted as means of payment bank transfer, (American Express, MasterCard, Diners, Visa) credit cards, debit/debit card (Visa Delta, Visa Electron) and PayPal.


Local and national legislation may vary depending on the country in which the transfer is performed. Anyway, all our transport operators comply with the legislation in force. If you book a private transfer we recommend for safety reasons you use an elevator or baby chair for passengers under 12 years of age or less than 135 cm tall. During the booking process you will have the opportunity to reserve chairs for children or elevators in most destinations.

Responsibility of the holder of the reservation is the check that the restraint system is compatible with the vehicle and that it is placed correctly. The company will not be responsible for any accident resulting from misuse, or from improper retention system installation.

All children and babies regardless of age, shall be taken into account to determine the ability of the vehicle to be used, and should therefore be inserted into the total number of passengers at the time of booking.

If you wish to travel with your own baby or lift Chair and you have booked a private transfer, you must communicate this circumstance before the trip. We must ensure that the vehicle used by the transport operator is compatible with the Chair. Minibuses or coaches are used for services of groups in most cases, and in these vehicles it is not possible to use pushchairs.

We do our utmost to ensure that the transport operator offers a Chair or elevator when it has been booked. There may be occasions in which the reserved seat is not available. In these cases, you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the reservation of the Chair. If there is less than three years of age can travel without restraint system but necessarily in the rear seats of the vehicle.


Services for passengers with disabled access only can be made with vehicles adapted to do so regardless of abilities or vehicle type, the adapted type of vehicles are described on our website.


During the booking process the customer will have the possibility to reserve an additional stop, that stop will have a cost of 6€ for the customer, this stop must always be done in the municipal area of origin or of destination of the service.


Unictransfers is only liable for those damages resulting from failure to comply with these terms or negligence on our part. We are not responsible for damages which we are not attributed directly or those who are not under the control of our company, such as accidents, overwhelming force or having their cause with legal or administrative requirements.

We are not responsible for incidents occurring during the performance of the service, in particular diseases, injury or death, unless they are a direct consequence of our negligence.

Can accept liability if the service of transfer not is provides as is hired or is lends of way poor as result of our inability or of the inability of our employees u operators of transport to provide the service with professionalism.

Please note that it is your responsibility to demonstrate the lack of expertise and professionalism if you wish to make a claim against the company.

Only will be responsible of what our employees and operators of transport have made them services that you have requested.

Were completely exempt of any responsibility in the event the customer hire directly a service with the operator of transportation.

No paragraph of these conditions General limits or excludes:

  • Our liability to you in the event of death or personal injury arising from our negligente.
  • Any other right of which you are holder as consumer and user and that by law not can be excluded or limited

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the contents of this web site to 100 percent. The event that the page is affected by computer viruses cannot be ruled out. Anyway we'll all on our part to rectify any error that is told us in the shortest time possible. If due to one of our errors is made a book with a price wrong or with a promotion wrong, we reserve the right to terminate the contract without need of compensate to the client.


Overwhelming force It means that Unictransfers S.L. or the supplier will pay the customer compensation if you need to cancel or change any service because of unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of Unictransfers or the supplier. Among such circumstances are include, without character limitation, accidents and delays related; unplanned protest marches; demonstrations and riots organized; operations police; unexpected dangers on the road; terrorist activity and its consequences or the threat of such activity; revolt; the Act of any Government or any other authority, national or local; industrial dispute; disaster natural or nuclear; fire and conditions weather adverse or others events like that are out of our control or of the control of our supplier.


Any contact related to possible changes should be requested via email.

In case of unavoidable changes to the contract, we will inform you via an email sent to the address that you you provided at the time of booking; the fact of this e-mail shall be considered as proof of its receipt by the customer. The same is true for any other informative mail do you get. For this reason it is of utmost importance to make sure that the email address provided is correct and that you check your the e-mail folder until the beginning of the shuttle service.

n case of delay of the flight's arrival the transport operator will reschedule transportation service and you will be picked up at the new time of arrival. It is very important that the flight number that enter in the reserve is correct so that the transport operator can control the time of arrival.


We offer a wide range of services, both in type and capabilities of vehicles from the vehicle 1-4 up to 16 pax, agreed with the Agency of transportation. We can not guarantee the exact route to the chosen destination. We do our utmost so that they respect the most hours of collection, although we can not guarantee them.

If you can not locate the driver of your service or any of our guides, is responsibility of customer contact Unictransfers.com calling numbers of care 24 h consisting on your booking voucher. If you do not call to these numbers and organize alternative transportation, the service will not be provided, the transport operator shall be released from its obligation to provide the service and no amount will be refunded.

If by any reason you not are presents in the point of collected in a term of time reasonable starting from the time planned in the proof of traslado.

20 minutes in city

60 minutes in airport (them 60 minutes is began to count in the time that the flight land).

Our customer service will attempt to contact you via the phone number or email provided by us.

If this communication not out possible because you not us has provided a number valid in the time of book, by not have coverage, by have activated the mailbox of voice or by not respond it called, the service not is will provide, the operator of transportation will be released of its obligation of provide service and not is will reimburse any amount. It could only affect the price if the client which requests to vary the route.

An external telephone provider records and stores the list of the calls received in our customer service phone; this list will be used as a proof in case of discrepancy about the calls. The unused transfers are not refundable and the costs of an alternative transfer will only be refunded in case of pre atuhorization by a member of our team. If you're autorized to get an alternative transfer, please be sure to send us a receipt for our quality department to check it out.

Not be reimbursed costs of transport related with claims that not attached receipts valid.

The customer is responsible for check the collection and make coming to the airport, station or port with enough time to check-in or any other preparation for your trip.

The transport operator will pick you up and leave you as close as possible to the address provided. The carrier will take the route that it deems best; If I had to vary because of traffic or accident in any case it would affect the price of the service.

All the contracted transport services are covered by the policy of civil liability of the operator of transportation or the subcontrada by this company.


The vehicles used for transportation have capacity for as minimum 1 bulk or suitcase per passenger measures combined 158cm (long high wide). At the time of booking should inform us luggage transport. The passenger shall be responsible for any costs incurred if you need additional vehicles for the transport of non-declared baggage.

Its acceptance of the contract and of them conditions General is considered an agreement tacit of not include in any case in the luggage or in them objects personal objects that contravene the legislation of the country in which is lends the service (weapons, etc.) or that can be dangerous for a third, or animals unless is has arrived to an agreement prior and are transported in a container right (them dogs guide companions is accept by standard) General), or objects of size, weight over expiration or fragility.

The transport of luggage and other personal items is at your own risk and in no event will be liable for possible damages or losses. This risk of damage or loss should be covered through the recruitment of a safe from the customer before the home of the trip.


Formalizing this agreement, you implicitly declare that: it is of legal age and is in full use of his mental faculties and is therefore qualified to assume the legal responsibilities arising from this agreement. Also declares that the cards of credit or debit that uses are of their ownership and that have of funds sufficient to cover the amount of the service. Should notify us to it more as soon as possible of any modification of the data that us has provided.

The services shall be performed in accordance with the information specified in the proof of transfer sent by e-mail. Is your responsibility provide directions complete and correct for them points of collection and destination in the time of make it book. Also form part of your responsibilities print and check the accuracy of the transfer receipt. If the data contained in the proof are incorrect must put is in contact with our team of attention to the client of way immediate for its rectification. Not us do responsible of reserves that is impossible to carry to out and not is will be refunds by such reserves.

Only you is responsible of providing the documentation necessary for the crossing of borders. Proof of transfer is not a valid document to obtain an entry visa.

If the company is see forced to pay a deposit or a fine to them authorities of others countries as result of that the customer fails to comply with them laws, regulatory u others requirements of them countries in which intends to enter or exit or that intends to cross, the customer will assume all the responsibility of reimburse to the company. We reserve the right of retain any amount that us has been paid until the client demonstrates that has refunded the amount corresponding to such fines, charges, etc.

We reserve the right to not accept more reservations of a customer that has provoked an incident important or incidents of way repeated.

We reserve the right, and you accepting these conditions us authorizes to make charges in its card of credit or debit by damage produced in the vehicle (including for example a cleaning to fund) or by objects that have disappeared of the vehicle.


Por el hecho de formalizar este contrato usted de manera tácita concede a la empresa y al operador de transporte el derecho a denegar el servicio a cualquier pasajero que, según el criterio del conductor, se encuentre bajo la influencia del alcohol o estupefacientes y a aquellos cuya conducta pueda considerarse peligrosa para el conductor del vehículo, para terceros o para ellos mismos.

No se permite llevar bebidas alcohólicas en los vehículos del operador de transporte para el consumo durante el viaje. Esta prohibición también se aplica a los narcóticos.

Está prohibido fumar en el interior del vehículo y en su cercanía inmediata.


If the service you receive from the transport operator does not meet your expectations, you should immediately notify the service customer, and wherever possible, at the time the incident occurs. The complaints received once concluded the shuttle and that not us they were reported during the course of the transfer can not be accepted since it has not given us the opportunity to assist or intervene in any way. You will find our data of contact detailed in the proof of transfer.

Complaints in writing should send by email to and get our hands at the latest 10 days after your return date.

If you want to communicate any matters related to our process of booking online or with our customer service, please direct your complaint to

Our webpage is available in several languages, but in case of discrepancy, the Spanish version is what is considered valid.


Copyrights, brand rights and other intellectual property rights related to the content published on our website are registered in the name of the company and are protected by national and international laws governing intellectual property.

Prohibited the use of the content of our web site by a third party for any purpose which is not possible reserve a shuttle service.

Is totally prohibited any use illegal from our web site with any purpose.


These general conditions are governed by Spanish legislation.

The contract agreed between you and the company shall be governed in accordance with Spanish legislation.

For any controversy or claim the company and the client, with express resignation to any other law, submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona.

If some of the provisions contained in these terms of use is declared unlawful, void or declared unenforceable by a court decision, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.


The user of internet that enter to the website unictransfers.com it makes of form anonymous and not is registered by the company. He user maintains his anonymity throughout the process of search of information in the web site and their data personal not are reported in no time.

Without limiting the foregoing, the company uses (cookies) user IDs on our website to collect information about the use of the page, as for example the server which is connected to the user's computer, the type of browser (firefox, internet explorer, etc.) or how the potential customer had knowledge of COMIRSA PREMIUM S.L. (Unictransfer)

We use this information solely to improve our marketing efforts and the personal data of internet users are not included among the captured information.

In response to a request for quotation of a service by a potential client, we ask some of your personal information such as the address of electronic mail and the number of the credit card in order to be able to send communications, register on our website or for the eventual realization of agreed charges. We may also use this data to communicate offers that may be of interest to the customer. At the moment in which the user of the web site becomes a customer, we may use the data provided during the booking process to inform you of future promotions and offers.

By the fact of signing a contract with us, you tacitly authorizes COMIRSA PREMIUM S.L. (Unictransfer) to use your personal data for the provision of the requested service, to ensure proper billing of the service and to help us identify future services that may be of interest to you. These offers you will be sent by mail electronic and can have their origin in the information that us provided during the contact initial, in surveys, in information relating to preferences of purchase and styles of life as well as in information available of sources external authorized as operators of transport or companies of marketing. These offers we send them directly by the customer's email (HTML, graphics, etc.). The data personal captured are stored in files automatic protected by the company. These files are communicated to the Spanish Agency of data protection. The company may use this information with the objective of measuring reaction and the satisfaction of the client before the service.

Although not we communicate our customer email address to transport operators, in certain cases we can act as intermediaries by forwarding these third-party offerings to customer e-mail. In the case that a person will become a third transport operator client, this transport operator can send offers and promotions to that person directly. If this person wants to stop receiving these emails must please contact directly with the third party operator. Our goal is to facilitate customer receipt of promotional information of a third operator that is in the interest of the customer, and this contact shall be subject to the strictest controls of security and confidentiality of the personal data. If you wish to stop receiving these communications, simply you must submit a request by email to the company. As option alternative can follow the procedure described in our web site and in the offers that we send by mail electronic.

In accordance with the legislation in force, you have access to their personal information contained in our files. If considered that the information about you of which have is incorrect or incomplete, send us a communication by written to COMIRSA PREMIUM S.L. (Unictransfer) sita in c / Mulberg 60 low, 08024 Barcelona.

The company corrected them errors of way immediately. Also can make us get a request written from cancellation or to exercise the right to opposition.

Please note that other websites which you may access through our may have different conditions of confidentiality. We are not responsible for the contents on any website that is connected or associated with our conditions.

Any processing of data of a personal nature and confidentiality policy changes will be immediately reflected in these terms and conditions so that the client is properly informed and can react in the appropriate way.